Shopify + Buzaz

Simple is a GREAT theme to make Shopify ecommerce sites with WordPress. Works well with ANY sales platform also*


Ripped Jeans

Just have a handful of special products to showcase? Start here, with our SIMPLE theme. Buzaz will showcase your items elegantly & with easy access to purchase…



Smart Watch

Detail the features of your items & immediately offer your customers the option to buy, right then & there. Turnover is key with this SIMPLE theme…




Sell ANYTHING you want. This SIMPLE theme is geared for any & all products. Affiliate Programs, Shopify, Etsy – whatever flavor of sales your want…



Leather Shoes

With the product highlight, showcasing items is easier than ever. This SIMPLE theme makes it easy. And, if you need help from Buzaz, we will set up your Affiliate Program & add products for JUST $99…



iPhone 11

Showcase your main seller here & use the tiles to feature different styles, models & colors. The sky is the limit with this SIMPLE theme…